Friday, December 14, 2007

The procedure.

So, you want to install that torrented game you just downloaded? Great! now what to do? Well this step by step guide is going to help you get started. This is a tried and true method of installing a game that you downloaded.

Ok first of all, this guide is pretty much for my friends who dont understand the concept, so im writing it for them. However, I am not responsible for whatever you do on the internet and what you download, etc. Of course i am assuming that if you are torrenting a game that you already own the box and have paid for the game and your version is broken, etc. Also, you can repost this guide anywhere as long as you give credit to me, Conflicted for writing it.

Ok. Step 1. You are going to need tools to extract the ISO/BIN/RAR/ZIP/NRG or God knows what other file extensions you could possibly run into from a downloaded game.
Some people use MagicISO, some use Alcohol 120%, some use DAEMON Tools or any number of others for ISO files, and WinRAR, 7Zip, or Quickzip for the rars. I personally would recommend Winrar as it seems to be the most useful, IMO.

Step 2. Go to the folder on your computer where you downloaded the game. Look at the files in it. Are they .iso? are there a whole bunch of .rxx files? (x represents a number) Once you know, then you will know which part of step 3 to use.

Step 3

3A) .rxx- If you ever encounter a download that is many .rxx files, you will need to use your Un-Raring program of choice (see above). What you need to do is simply extract the first one you see to the folder that it is in. When it is done, it will either be a whole lot of files in there that you dont recognize, or a single ISO/Bin. If it is a bunch of different files, proceed to step , and if it is ISO/BIN/NRG or comparable, proceed to step 3B.

3B)ISO/NRG/BIN/- Ok. This is where the CD/DVD image file program of your choice will come in handy such as DAEMON Tools, etc. You will need to either mount the image (if it is a single large image file) or you will want to extract the files FROM them (if there are multiple smaller ones). A note on extracting. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS extract each cd image file to the same folder. For example, if you had 3 iso files you would extract them all to the exact same folder.
Once you extract all of the files out of them/mount the single large file then good job, go to step 3d.

3C) RAR/ZIP. Ok, this one can be tricky. Most of the time if it is a single RAR/ZIP then that means there will be no installing the game. It is already installed and all you need to do is unrar it to a folder by itself. Sometimes there will be an MS-Dos Batch file named setup.bat or unpack.bat or something similar that you will need to run in order to un-archive the last files.
once you do this (if necessary) then process past 3d and straight to step 4.

3D) Installation. Now that you have extracted the files from any of the above, go to the folder you extracted them to and find the setup and/or autorun exe in them and go ahead and double click to install. Follow the programs installation setup thing until it is done. Proceed to step 4.
Step 4.
Preparations before you can play.
This is where most people are like "WTF?"
Contrary to what you might think, its NOT time to play yet. Because your CD is probably damaged, else you wouldn't have downloaded the game in the first place, you might (some games dont have it) need to circumvent the CD protection. Some times this is done by mounting a smaller image file on a virtual drive using some of the above programs and sometimes it is done by aquiring a game executable that has had the cd protection removed from the code.

You can get many of these (sometimes they come with the download)

Step 5.
The image you mount or the "cracked" executable that you would use is heavily dependent upon which version of the game you have on your computer. So before you play (especially if you plan to play multiplayer or with your friends, or if a critical game fix comes in a later update) make sure that you have to proper version. Many newer games do not even allow you to play online if it detects you have such software on your computer or in your game directory. So keep your CD's and DVD's functioning so you wont have to do this again!

P.S. Dont email me asking where to get a CD Key or keygen or whatever, that is SOFTWARE PIRACY. I will not respond.